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A summer of weddings…


Every wedding I’ve photographed this summer has been beautiful. From Hindu celebrations in Kew Gardens to a sophisticated soirée in Soho to beautiful scenes in Bath and a guest photographer slot in northern Hungary – officially one of the most memorable 4-day parties I have ever been to.  I might blog about these in more detail after the summer, but for now I’ll be getting my oodles of film developed, getting equipment fixed, going to the New Forest, entertaining guests from Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands, enjoying the Olympics and doing whatever else it takes to avoid the rain.

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#flowers #yes Marnie and I are going to be hanging out every day for a couple of weeks. I'll try not to just photograph my cat. #catsofinstagram #socks #vscocam Window scene. #latergram #window #gent #vscocam She's happy in the sun. #catsofinstagram #vscocam Looking at the small things up high against a rainy London sky. #blossom #london #rain In a pub. #window #mattress #pimlico #light #pub #ceiling #font Finally, I'm going through the phase when folks gift me with blooms. Thanks Diane. #rain #flowers #window #pink Hall of fame. #polaroid






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