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Flaming June




I had my summer in June: 4 countries, 13 cities, 5 concerts, 4 weddings, 7 hotels, 5000+ photos to give to other people, broke my camera, camped in relentless rain, slept on the floor, slept in 3 cars, watched a lot of sport, cycled until I couldn’t walk, hiked up a mountain. Success.

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#petals One Tree Hill view of London with @nicola_tremain.  Triumphant bank holiday weekend.  #onetreehill #southlondon @instanthotsauce yesterday at the Isabella Plantation.  #isabellaplantation #richmond #asapmag Hello deers.  #deer #richmond Do more of what you love. #coffee  #bankholiday Picking dandelions with Em.  #dandelion #bluebells #jam #foraging  #crystalpalace It's going to be this kind of day.  #bluesky  #bird Cold.  #window 'I'll love you till the ocean is folded and hung up to dry, and the seven stars go squawking like geese about the sky. The years shall run like rabbits, for in my arms I hold,  the flower of the Ages, and the first love of the world' W.H Auden


Phone cam: One Tree Hill




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