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Flaming June




I had my summer in June: 4 countries, 13 cities, 5 concerts, 4 weddings, 7 hotels, 5000+ photos to give to other people, broke my camera, camped in relentless rain, slept on the floor, slept in 3 cars, watched a lot of sport, cycled until I couldn’t walk, hiked up a mountain. Success.

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Victor's #snail #shell collection. Iris then went onto say that there are no such things as snails.  There are only slugs and slugs with shells.  The other children agreed.  It broke my heart a little bit. When I was their age, there were only snails and homeless snails.  Hail Hail the snail. #children #collecting #countryside Camouflage! #hay #farm Just born. #cow #calf # farm Setting up camp. #converse #pantone #tent #countryside On the farm.  May need #wood. More whoooosh through the car #window. #tree #sky Wet #weather.  #whitstable #rain #converse Shop signs. #whitstable Pre first dance view. The perfect wedding location. #beach #sea #whitstable






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