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Spring walk with my broken lens

Five years ago today (spooky), I bought a Canon 28mm 2.8 lens and went for a walk in my neighbourhood taking pictures. It was much like today – Saturday, sunny, spring-like – but after a few pictures I’d decided to sell it/take it back because I really didn’t like it. Too sharp, too wide, too perfect, too everything-I-didn’t-like-at-the-time and it left me uninspired.

Here’s one of the rather dull shots from that day:

I took it home, placed it on my bed and it promptly rolled off onto the floor and broke beyond repair. Despite having a fondness for the blur, I wasn’t thrilled about it breaking and didn’t use it again until last year when I accidently took it on holiday.

Today the neighbourhood was blissful and bathed in warm, gorgeous sunshine.  A local market opened, new neighbours moved in, I bumped into friends, I drank apple and rhubarb juice, ate a GF Bakewell tart and sat in the sun people watching. It’s been a while since I felt like taking my camera out for a walk but today was the day to do it with the broken lens. I’ve developed a fondness for the lens now that it’s not perfect.








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  1. I remember when I was an assistant dropping a Nikon with 180mm Zeiss Jalna lens. The lens half sheared of at the mount. I waited to be fired, but the photographer put gaffer tape around the break and carried on. The pictures were wonderful with a tilt shift effect back in the days when that was only available with a plate camera. I think the pictures with your Canon 28mm are very neat indeed.

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